Vocal Coaching

All lessons are structured individually to include:

  • Technical work ranging from Bel Canto – Estill and other modern popular music and Musical Theatre techniques including use of Legit and Belt Voice
  • Confidence building and problem solving
  • Bespoke repertoire advice and portfolio building
  • Industry advice and direct agency links.
  • Audition and performance advice for professionals, Drama School and University entry
  • Trinity, ABRSM & LAMDA examinations
  • Use of an extensive library of music and resources
  • SKYPE & online tuition
  • Recording of songs in a specialised way to aid the learning process.
  • Emergency audition prep and sides

Enquiry Level

I teach across all levels

  • Beginners
  • Amateur Child
  • Professional Child
  • Drama School / University Entry
  • Graduate
  • Amateur Adult
  • Professional Triple threat
  • Dancer
  • Actor
  • Mature Professional Re-entry


Using many different teaching styles ranging from Bel Canto, Rock & Pop through to Estill we will together find a bespoke method to develop your singing.

The correct use of Breathing and Support is fundamental to good singing. Also safety and the development of good vocal habits are core to a good singer and a natural progression.

The aim is to enhance your own voice and give you ownership of your talent.

Using text correctly is extremely important and it will be developed via ‘Acting through Song’.

A typical lesson will include 15-20 minutes warm up and technical work before applying them to 2 or 3 songs depending on the student and technical difficulty.    Recording the lesson is encouraged and there is an opportunity to get a piano accompaniment of your song both with melody and without.

In addition I also hold small workshops involving leading industry professionals when the demand dictates to give another point of view.


Preparing for audition can be very daunting but also exciting. Preparation of material is the key to success.  We will together make sure you have the correct sheet music or tracks and the correct cuts for the creative team.

Having the correct song for the right audition is also very important and I will help you choose which one or give you an appropriate song.

Pre Audition warm ups are also available and encouraged.

I pride myself on having a very high success rate of clients working in the business. One of the keys to this success is the individual mentoring of singers. I assume this is why they return contract after contract.

A lot of shows re-audition every 6 months or annually and the same cruise ship auditions come around with the same material of which I am very familiar with.   I also have a close network of Agent Friends and I am aware of up and coming casting opportunities.


We will work together to develop a diverse portfolio of songs suitable for the individual. This will cover all genres required for audition success.

Establish songs that are already working for you or have a complete refresh and fill the gaps.

16/32 bar short sections will also be selected and the correct keys chosen in order to showcase you at your best

Legit/Belt,  Rock & Pop, British & American Musical Theatre
Uptempo & Ballad, Jazz, Swing and the American Songbook and much more.


Whenever you receive a last minute audition or sides that need to be looked at.  I will endeavour to coach you and give you the confidence to go into an audition feeling well prepared.

If you suddenly feel ill and need a carefully structured warm up to get thorough an audition I will give you advice on what is the best course of action. Even late at night or at weekends I can try and arrange something suitable or point you in the right direction.


Having worked in colleges for many years I have had the privilege to be party to audition requirements and the necessary skills and standards required by applicants.

This applies to both pre-vocational and foundation courses also including Diploma Level 7 and Degree courses.

More recently I have also been instrumental in coaching Children for scholarships for schools.

We can carefully select suitable songs that display your personality and Talent.

Whether with Piano accompaniment or Backing Track I aim to have you fully prepared for the big day.


Individually tailored voice reels can be crafted to exhibit your personality and talent. These are an invaluable tool for casting for both Producers and Directors.

Used on spotlight and other casting sites.

In association with Orpheus Studio in London it is possible to produce a high quality voice reel that will rival others.

There is also the opportunity to record full songs and or even Albums.

Visit Orpheus Studio


Preparation for all styles of singing exams, choosing the Exam Board that works for you. Even if you are 8 or 80 exams are a great way to set signposts for your singing. These are not all academic and have a great flexibility of choice.

Grades 1 – 8  and Performance Diplomas


I have many overseas clients that  benefit from online tuition via Skype. Most regularly in Germany, USA and Russia and other parts of the British Isles.

Coaching Professionals coming to the end of their contracts is something I enjoy in readiness for their return to the audition scene in London. I have seen the inside of a cruise ship on Skype many times.


I have trained CEO’s, Board and Management-level clients in the effective use of voice in a corporate environment.

Using vocal techniques, I can enhance an individuals performance in projection, posture, confidence and audience engagement to maximise impact.

These training sessions can be conducted individually, as a group or as a team-building exercise.

“As an accomplished artist, I know how to maximise my students strengths quickly and effectively”

Rates & Packages


1hr studio lesson: £75


1hr studio lesson: £65


1hr studio lesson: £60


1hr Lesson: £60
Recent Graduates (2019 onwards)


1hr: £120
Zone 1-2 or The Music Studios, Marylebone


From £120 per hour
For corporate groups – Contact to enquire