Kinky Boots

Barry is a wonderful teacher who puts you at ease as soon as you walk into the room. I laugh and sing in almost equal measures!
It’s amazing to find a teacher who is excellent on technique but equally skilled in building up your repertoire & portfolio.
He will always make himself available for you last minute if he can, and coach you through any audition.
It’s thanks to his support and skill I’m where I am today, thanks Barry!

Rosie Is currently playing Pat In Kinky Boots West End

Starlight Express

Before I started lessons with Barry I was in a constant battle with myself about which song to sing, how high should I go or what notes shall I hit. During my first lesson I was given fast, productive release from my worries and within 3 weeks had acquired a job. I am now playing Bobo the engine and Rusty the steam train in Starlight Express in Germany and I can honestly say that without Barry’s expertise I wouldn’t have acquired such an amazing role. With constant coaching, quick-fire audition advice and techniques it made the art of auditioning so much easier. Having a teacher that cares for your singing and your general wellbeing makes a huge difference and Barry is one of the most attentive people let alone teachers that I’ve ever met . Thank you Barry.


Barry Potts is one of the most fantastic vocal coaches/singing teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
He has shown me how to use my voice to its fullest capacity and how to show different styles of singing, which is needed for musical theatre.
Since working with Barry, I have expanded my repertoire, extended my vocal range and also grown in confidence with my skill.
The most wonderful thing about taking singing lessons with Barry is the way he invests in me as a client. The preparation that goes into my singing lessons is extremely personal. The warm ups are tailor made for me and are created on the work we have done the previous week.
The repertoire he offers to teach me are of a wide variety. In case I dislike one, then he has other options of similar styles and I ALWAYS enjoy learning them.
I can take sheet music and he will help me prepare it for auditions and show me the best 16 bars to show off my voice.
He makes me backing tracks or recording of songs to practice for auditions.
He answers endless phone calls of mine when I get a last minute audition, or if I’m worried about a song and he takes time out of his extremely busy schedule to practice until I’m confident with it.
He gives me career advice about agents, meetings and contracts.
I could say many more wonderful things about Barry Potts as since having him as a vocal coach I’ve been booked for two number 1 touring musicals and more. Instead I’ll just say that Barry is more than your every day vocal coach. He has been somewhat of a personal manager and mentor and I’m so grateful to him. Thanks Barry.

Sasha Latoya – currently touring the U.K. and China with FLASHDANCE

Milo Panni
13 the Musical

Barry Potts was first recommended to us 3 years ago by a mutual friend when our ten year-old son was auditioning for professional child roles in West End musicals. We needed someone who could connect with him and start work not only on training his voice so as not to damage the vocal chords, but to develop his technique and most importantly, to give him confidence to make the most of the short time given to prepare during the audition process.

Barry and our son immediately hit it off, working on breathing and posture, eye contact and movement as well as tackling a range of songs across many genres, Barry has certainly instilled the confidence and technique we were looking for from the start. Our son did indeed land his first role in the West End, in no small part due to the quality of Barry’s teaching.

We have continued to go to Barry to polish up technique and for advice and guidance on songs that our son is working on for new auditions and competitions. We have no doubt that Barry was instrumental in the development of our son from a “good singer” into a young man who has now performed in several West End roles and whose voice is strong and well-rounded with an amazing foundation of technical qualities. We can’t recommend Barry highly enough!

Starlight Express

Barry was recommended to me by my friend who had been seeing him for a while. I was always curious where she got her great song choices from and how she seemed to have him on speed dial, arranging emergency lessons when she needed them. I thought that was exactly what I needed too, so I contacted Barry.
Being primarily a dancer meant that I’m not so confident with my singing. However, Barry made me feel really relaxed and at ease. We worked on technique before moving on to songs. He gave me 5 in my first lesson! All amazing character songs that showed my range.
I saw Barry a few times and then found myself auditioning for Starlight Express and Grease at the same time. Barry suggested songs to sing for them and got me prepped. I got through the auditions and found I was being given a lot of material to work on. I contacted him and he came back instantly with times and dates of when he could see me. I worked hard on all the material and made the final auditions for Grease and then I was offered Starlight Express.
I can’t thank Barry enough for his enthusiasm, excellent song choices, technique work and also his belief in me. He believed that I could do it and last week I proved that I could by playing Dinah in Starlight. So thank you so much Barry, I can’t recommend you enough.


I have been Barry’s student for over 5 years and I have felt guided, safe and supported all along the way. Over this period, my technique, lyrical analysis and understanding of the art form has improved immeasurably. I have also arranged workshops and arranged singing lessons with Barry in Moscow for Russian Musical Theatre Artists.

The Bodyguard

I’ve been taking lessons with Barry for a couple of years now and his insight and knowledge of songs and Musical Theatre is incredible! Whatever song I go to him with I come out singing more confidently and having ironed out anything I may have been struggling with vocally. He’s confident, a fantastic piano player and a great laugh too. I always feel at ease when I’m singing with Barry and the most important thing for me is his honesty and not letting me skirt past things he knows I can do.


Barry has not only helped me with technique and vocal ability but with my confidence and self perception. I can safely say I would not be the singer I am today or have been able to go to New York to train without him! Barry had me in my first professional job within a few months of starting lessons with him, and it was a singing job. That’s a big deal for a dancer and a previously unconfident singer. He is very serious about what he does but I always have fun and a laugh in class.


Barry has been a wonderful teacher in helping build confidence, improving my technique and pushing me to explore different parts of my voice. He has extensive knowledge which, with his guidance, has helped me build a more varied and interesting repertoire. He gives lots of useful tips and tricks to help with the more difficult notes as well as tools and exercises that can be used for personal practice. For me he is the perfect balance of supportiveness and honesty and always gives constructive feedback. He is also an excellent pianist and singing in his studio is a pleasure!


Barry is a fantastic teacher he provides clear, tailored tuition that will have you reaching your goals. His lessons changed my approach with immediate results and long-term benefits. He just has a way of unlocking what is inside.

“As an accomplished artist, I know how to maximise my students strengths quickly and effectively”